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Get crochet braids put in by a mobile stylist in Northport, AL

Add some flair to your look with crochet braids from Mobile Stylist J Dean. We'll come directly to you and get to work doing you up with gorgeous crochet braids. This kind of protective style is incredibly versatile and provides you with a lot of options for how you want to look. We can use a non-braiding method after performing a scalp analysis. Your hair's health is important to us.

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Customize your appearance with crochet box braids

Customize your appearance with crochet box braids

Keep your hair healthy and look good doing it. We can work your hair into beautiful crochet box braids for a sleek look. Do your scalp and hair present you with difficulties when braiding? We know how to address and overcome all kinds of issues. We can braid for people with alopecia. You don't have to let a scalp condition keep you from looking amazing.

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